Frequency Asked Questions

Emily gets asked many questions related to photo sessions, locations, clothing options, pets, Emily works in a very relaxed way and takes time to get to know you before starting a photo session. Emily loves to bring out the personality of her clients by helping them relax and be themselves.

I hate having my photo taken. How can you help?

You’re not the only one, believe me! I have heaps of tricks and will inject a little silliness from me to help you along. Laugh with me or at me - I don’t care as long as you’re having fun and we capture you just being you! 

How far in advance do I need to book?

It’s best to book as early as possible to secure your preferred date. Usually this means at least a year in advance for a Saturday in peak season. With weekday and winter weddings becoming much more popular now, it’s always worth asking… you never know!

How long will it take to get our final photos?
— In peak season my usual turnaround is five weeks in peak summer season and usually less during other times
Family photo session in rain.jpg

What happens if the weather is terrible?

For a wedding, to quote Tim Gunn, we will “make it work.” We’ll talk through wet weather location options before your wedding and I have loads of great alternatives if the rain just won’t stop! I carry umbrellas, and these can make for some amazing images too. Rest assured I have photographed in many, many different types of weather and sometimes the most unpredictable circumstances make for the greatest results! See my blog post about this.

Our wedding is outside Auckland. Do you travel?
— Yes, I love exploring new places! Please call me so we can chat. Ph 021 422 694 or email:
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What should we wear to our photo session?  

First and foremost, wear something you are comfortable in. If you want to coordinate with the rest of your group, think similar tones of colours… and no, I don’t mean a matchy-matchy 90’s style image with everyone in jeans and a white t-shirt!

Can we share our photos with friends & family?
— Yes, please do! On Facebook & Insta if you could tag me in your posts that would be awesome! #emilychalkphotographer
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How should we back up our digital images? 

You will of course have your USB from me, but I also recommend cloud storage or Dropbox and a backup file on your own PC hard drive. Another option I would suggest is two small external hard drives, one kept in your home and another at a friend or relative’s house. This is a great idea to safeguard all your family photos as well. 

What happens if you’re sick or have an emergency and can’t photograph my wedding? 

This is a fantastic question to ask your photographer! Fortunately I’ve never had this happen. I’ve photographed weddings with the flu and I’ll just keep going with the help of a bit of Sudafed, some pain killers and of course Red Bull! 

It would take something pretty terrible to keep me away because I know how much your wedding means to you. I’ve been married 11 years myself and I treasure my wedding photographs. However, in the absolute worst case scenario, I have three other great wedding photographers I know well and could call on to help out if circumstances beyond my control prevent me from doing it myself. If they were all booked for your wedding day, and we really couldn’t find someone else to cover, I would offer you a two hour bridal shoot at a later date.